Get An Affordable Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you looking for a bankruptcy attorney in Utah? Can’t afford the filing fee in it’s entirety then file an Application to Pay in Installments to pay it in four installment payments or can’t afford anything and you meet the income requirements, 150% of poverty level or less, then you qualify to file a Motion to Waive the Filing Fee.


Why You Should Hire A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Many bankruptcies require expert guidance, but, by far, most do not. Most require only the proper submission of documents. Others require great thought and expertise to maximize the benefits of filing. This is only for those who fit in the former. This book exposes and unarms the paperwork. I will tell you how to do it properly, page by page, line by line, question by question. All you need to get this done is computer access, web and printer access and a reasonable amount of time. It is much easier if you hire a bankruptcy attorney.

As the writer I’m torn between being complete and being brief enough to hold your attention. I’m confident you don’t care much about the whys. What you’re interested in is getting the job done as cheaply and efficiently as possible and putting this embarrassing episode of your life behind you forever. But some “whys” are indispensible to your success, such as, “why are they asking me that question?” Brevity rules but I want you to acquire an aura of familiarity that will get you through this without experiencing an anxiety attack. Learn more at

My Experience as a Bankruptcy Attorney

This book sums up 30 years of consumer bankruptcy experience as a bankruptcy attorney as it applies to you, the average consumer case. It’s about what’s relevant to you to help you make your decision, how to interpret the forms, how to fill them out. And most importantly to give you a heads up on their pitfalls. You’ll learn how and where to file your paperwork You’ll learn what to expect at the hearing: from the court, the trustee and from your creditors, and your credit life thereafter. And you get these thirty years of experience in less than 27,000 words. You get complete access to all the forms, editable on line, everything you need to get the job done is in this book except your efforts and a few sheets of blank paper.

You’ll have to read this, all of it, you’ll have to read the forms, all of them, you’ll have to dig up a few records and again, you’ll have to fill out those boring forms. Bankruptcy is a form practice, a bureaucrats dream come true, you fill out the forms correctly and dive in and presto, you pop out the other end in about 100 days with your discharge. Filling out the forms will let you know if there will be problems in your case with an almost one hundred percent certainty before you file with or without a bankruptcy attorney. Learn more at

Don’t File for Bankruptcy without a Lawyer

As I said above, there is only one truly difficult thing about bankruptcy and that is making the decision to do it. It is a horribly difficult decision to make and perhaps the following factoid will help you; Bankruptcy has a unique heritage, the vast body of our legal system looks back to the Magna Carta and builds upon those rights, bankruptcy reaches back even further, much further. Ignored for centuries, through the injustices of debtor’s prison, poor houses, indentured servitude and outright slavery. The principals of bankruptcy came from none other than the gilded tongue of Moses himself. The fifth book of the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 15 – and God said,

“At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts.”

Accordingly the actions of the banks, credit companies, credit agencies, factoring companies, payday lenders and the myriad other financial bottom feeders, by the tenets of the one man who got the law straight from God’s mouth for your ears, places those institutions within the embrace of the netherworld while those who have broken the shackles of debt are bathed in the light. Hallelujah! Now, how do you do it? The Law office of Ryan E. Simpson bankruptcy attorney in Utah can help you eliminate your debt.

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