Learn easy card tricks to surprise your audience

Do you ever wonder how the great magicians perform all those miracles in front of a large audience? Showing magic is an art of creating a magical illusion that befools the audience. Now the question might pop up to your mind how to do easy card tricks for everyone.

Well, you do not need to be a graduate from the Hogwarts or have superpowers like Harry Potter to astound people. In fact, a few super cool tips and tricks can make you a master of magic who will be able to give outstanding performances like the professional magicians. Visit website today to master the art, with the help of experts.

Variety of tricks

Let us now jump into the world of magic and learn how to do easy card tricks for everyone that will amaze your spectators.

  • Make the card disappear: Making a card vanished is one of the most mind-blowing tricks to impress the audience. You need to can take out any card from the table and make it disappear with some little waves of your hands. With another wave of another hand, you can also make the card reappear. This trick needs much practice before a confident performance.
  • Impossible Prediction: Tell one of your spectators that you have written down a prediction on a piece of paper. Now ask him or her to pick out any of a card from the desk and to show it to the audience. The audience can find that the prediction which you have written and the card that your spectator has selected are the same. Again, this trick also requires proper practice to improve your confidence while performing.
  • The Rising Card: This one is also a classic magic trick. The magician asks one spectator to pick any card of his or her choice and then return it to the case of the cards. Once the card is back, the magician rises out the same card from the middle of the deck mysteriously. The easy trick of this super-fun card magic also requires little practice and confidence to create a perfect illusion before your audience.
  • Invisible Reversed card: This card magic is also one of the most amazing tricks to fascinate the spectators. The magician asks one spectator to pick one card for him and place it back into the deck. After that, the magician brings out the selected card and shows that the card has reversed itself. This magic is super easy to learn and perform only if you are presenting it in a right manner. You need to complete this task by fast movement before your audience can know what is going on.
  • Pro card trick: The effect of this magic will surely baffle your audience. In this trick, the magician asks the spectator to select any card from the case and place it back into the deck. Then the magician goes on to perform few stunts and brings out the right card that the spectator had picked out. The method behind this pro-like magic is easy and fun to learn.


No matter how easy the trick is, practice is the ultimate thing that will make you perform all these tricks like a professional magician. The more you practice, the more confident you become to bewilder your spectators.

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